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Amazon takes over the French delivery company Colis Prive

Amazon strikes a blow by buying 100% of Colis Privé's shares, a French delivery company. This acquisition will necessarily impact the delivery capacity in France of the America e-commerce giant .

Send parcels to United States : compare rates

Upela.com allows you to send , import and export your goods to / from the United States at the best price ! Rates are negotiated with FedEx , DHL and UPS

Upela explains parcel's rate

The rates for sending a parcel may vary significantly based on countries of destination and origin, or on the kind of delivery you selected. Find out how to calculate the price of a parcel shipping.

Travel light : ship your luggage ahead with Upela

Upela allows you to send in advance or retrieve your luggages, by shipping them in more than 220 countries with carriers such as FedEx, UPS or DHL. We offer discounts ( up to 70% ) for professional.

Professionals, facilitate your returns and imports

Professionals, facilitate your returns and imports
Thanks to our "returns and imports" tool, make light work of shipping for your parcel sender by proposing the use of a shipping form prepaid by you!

Drop Shipment: a practical tool for professionals

If you need to manage the shipping of a parcel from a distance (return of goods to your warehouse or after sales service, delivery to one of your customers from one of your suppliers etc), use our business tool, available on the Upela.com website (free of charge): Drop Shipment.

Upela: our customers talk about us!

Upela services: our customers will tell you all about them! See some of the user testimonials on the TrustedShops Upela page.

Economy: the right time for exporting

Economy: the right time for exporting
the growth of emerging countries and of our traditional partners, added to the fall in the euro, should help setting up a long-lasting favorable climate for the export of French firms

B2B transport: your import/export logistics with Upela.com

Our Upela.com transporter comparator enables you to save on B2B parcel shipments with FedEx, UPS and DHL, while facilitating the daily management of your logistics: free business tools are combined with advantages for the regular users of Upela ... you gain time and save money too using our services!

Reliability and delivery times: the stakes in sending a package

You might think that finding an express delivery company is difficult but it is nothing compared to being sure that it can be counted on: will your parcel reach your recipient on time? How can you find out where your delivery is?