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Thanks to UPELA exclusive prices, afford the services of the leaders in international express delivery while reducing your costs! Do not wait to find out about UPELA, in a few clicks, order your express delivery on our site.

According to your choice, DHL, FEDEX or UPS will collect your shipment, an enveloppe, a bulky parcel or a pallet and deliver it to your recipient. UPELA takes care of the delivery of your parcels in France, in Europe, in Asia and in USA, with full transparency since at any moment, you can track your parcel.

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Instructions for the use of the UPELA price comparison for sending your parcels


In order to send your mail, parcel or pallet internationally or in France, complete the information requested in the box "Begin sending": select the place of departure and destination in the drop-down list (type in the name of the city or the postal code). Tick the "business address" box if it is a business address, leave blank if it is a personal address.

Enter the weight and size of your parcel. Choose the date that the carrier can collect your consignment. Compare our carriers rates by clicking on "compare offers!"


Here you may access all of our quotes for express transportation. These give references to the name of the carrier (FedEx, DHL or UPS), the price of shipping (excluding and including all taxes), the expected delivery date and the type of carrier.

If you have a UPELA professional account, the price for parcels, mail and palettes are even more advantageous (the creation of a professional or individual account is free and without obligation).


Once the method of express delivery has been selected, complete all the information concerning the sender and the addressee, or select your contacts in the address book. Also indicate the desired time period at the place where the consignment must be picked up.

In the case of imported parcels, first check the availability of your correspondent. You may also drop off your package at the agency.


A summary page summarises all the information of your consignment. Confirm your order and choose your credit card to access the secure online payment. With a pro Upela account you can pay for your consignment at a later date.


Your order is validated. You can print your transportation documents, view your invoice, view the parcel tracking or cancel your consignment. The information of your consignment are sent by email: your shipping note, pro-forma invoice (non European Union consignments) and your Upela invoice.

All you have to do is stick your transport voucher on your package (envelope, parcel or pallet) and wait for the courier.