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Delivering pallets in France and abroad: it's on a roll

The pallet is a transport support used in many activity sectors to the point that it has become a counting unit in the transport world. How are they transported? What do the professionals recommend when you are preparing your pallets?

Organizing international package transport

There are other possibilities for all your international deliveries. What are the solutions for finding the best formula?

Compare rates for parcels and pallets: shipments low cost

Transport costs are a major issue facing businesses which have two allow for many unforeseen considerations: customs duties, lost or damaged parcels, additional taxes etc.
So how do you ship your goods under optimal conditions? How can you compare the offers of the various shipping sites to send parcels or pallets with total transparency?

Tips to obtain the best quote for the transport of your goods

Finding a high-quality estimate can be time-consuming: the prices may be too high or it may be difficult to compare all the different offers. Operating with a private transporter is a solution which may save money but you must be capable of evaluating the various proposals. It is better to use a transporter comparator! A few words of advice about how to get the best quote.

Ship your parcels easily with Upela

Ship your parcels easily with Upela

Ship from your address book

Send your parcels using your Upela.com address book: manage your business contacts and gain time on daily shipments!

Mass Mailing

How to send the same parcel to multiple recipient?

Sending parcels by file with Upela

Envoyez des colis de poids et dimensions différents vers de multiples destinataires.

Return and Import

Easily manage your returns and importations. You can send a prepaid shipping request to your clients or suppliers!

Upela.com - transporters comparator

Here is our transporter comparator, Upela.com, designed to facilitate the management of your shipments and help you make savings every day!