Upela launches UPS Access Point Offers !

With UPS Access Point, you can now drop off and collect your parcels in any UPS Access Point location – a local business in your neighborhood. Gain in flexibility and get competitive rates while enjoying UPS high quality standards.

UPS Access Point offers you flexibility for all your shipments

Door-to-door delivery has many advantages even though one inconvenient has to be found: the need to be on site for the pick-up and delivery. Pick-up and delivery time are never at a fixed hour so you have to wait patiently for the driver to come – not always as easy as it seems!
With UPS Access Point, you no longer need to wait for the driver! Pick-up is made on site or in UPS Access Point locations – delivery only in UPS Access Point locations.

What is a UPS Access Point location?

This is a local business close to your home or workplace, which allows you to drop off or collect your parcels at night or during the weekend unlike door-to-door deliveries, which take place only during working days.
There are thousands of UPS Access Point locations not only in France, but also in Europe since, a few years ago, UPS bought Kiala - a network of delivery points implemented throughout France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain or the United Kingdom.
Meanwhile, UPS expanded its delivery points network abroad by providing now UPS Access Point locations in the US, Canada and Mexico! As a result, there are now more than 20,000 UPS Access Point locations all over the world!

Make savings on your shipments with UPS Access Point

On Upela website, now you can find many UPS Acess Point offers when you compare quotes.
3 offers are available according the nature and the destination of your shipments :

  • UPS Access Point Standard : our economic service – the cheapest
  • UPS Access Point Saver: express delivery service on Day+1
  • UPS Access Point Express: express delivery before noon.
You decide when et where ! You can control the moment and the location of your delivery of your parcels and save money !

Indeed, a UPS Access Point offer is cheaper than a door-to-door express delivery while benefit the quality of UPS – the leader in international express delivery.

Additional informations :
  • Where to find a UPS Access Point Location ?https://www.ups.com/dropoff
  • UPS Access Point is available for parcels less than 20kg, and which do not exceed 80 cm (the longest side) or have their value superior to $5,000.
  • Prohibited goods still apply.