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Become a business finder for Upela

Easily improve the potential of your network and contribute to the development of a dynamic company.

Join the team of Upela business finders now!

What does it mean to be a business finder for Upela?

You will be an intermediary in charge of proposing our transport services to small and medium businesses by contacting them and explaining them the functioning of our transport comparator and to highlight the value of using a transportation broker.
You will initiate sales by suggesting a response that meets the requirements of prospects/clients regarding their import/export needs.


Why become a business finder?

The business finder benefits from notoriety of Upela: more than 20 years experience in import-export, over 20,000 businesses have already signed up, and the confidence of the leaders in worldwide express parcel delivery.
You will be able to manage your work at your convenience: organize your meetings, prepare your presentations as well as your commercial speech, conclude your contracts with absolute autonomy.


Why you?

We are focusing primarily upon motivated individuals able to establish excellent relationships with customers and who are not afraid to give phonecalls. The only pre-requisites: have a telephone, a computer, and access to an Internet connection.


Who is Upela?

We are a transort comparator which helps you sending your envelopes, parcels, and pallets quickly and cost-effectively in more than 220 countries. We offer the possibility of taking advantage of services provided by the leaders in express delivery (DHL, UPS, FedEx) to small and medium businesses, allowing them to reduce their logistics costs thanks to our negociated rates


Profiles sought

  • high autonomy
  • reactive and polyvalent
  • sales ability
  • good relationship skills
  • mastery of the computing tools

Additional information

  • Work independently from home
  • you must have a computer, a telephone, and access to the Internet
  • You will be trained on the functioning of our tool as well as our commercial speech and will then work in full autonomy

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