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How to weigh my shipments

It is not always easy to find the weight of an object, the weight of a parcel, especially when you do not have any scales. So here are some hints and tips to estimate the weight of the objects you are sending :
It is useful to know that most transporters base their prices on tranches of weight of 500 g.

Exemples d'objets  Poids 
1 DVD 0.25 kilo
One pocket book 0.20 kilo
A pair of trainers in a box 1.5 kilos
A 33cl can of drink 0.400 kilo
A 13'' laptop computer 2 kilos
A 1.5 litre bottle of water 1,6 kilos
A ream of A4 paper 2 kilos

We always advise rounding up the weight of your parcel to the nearest kilo. Another tip for objects of more than a kilo; if you have bathroom scales, weigh yourself holding the object in your hands, then weigh yourself without the object - the difference will be the weight of the parcel.

It is very important not to underestimate the weight of your parcel, as if it is underestimated, there is a risk of the carrier refusing the parcel, or its delivery being delayed. A supplementary payment may be required from the recipient. We advise you to always round up the weight of your shipment to the next price threshold, and add about 15% to cover the packaging. Be careful to measure the dimensions accurately.