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Can I use a thermal printer for my shipping forms?

Upela.com makes the use of a thermal printer possible, enabling you to print all your shipping forms in labels that you can stick directly on your parcels. Our system works on every shipment and with all our partner carriers DHL, UPS, FedEx and Chronopost.

How to use a thermal printer for your parcel shipments?

To get your shipping labels adjusted to your thermal printer, nothing easier.

1. 1. You must have a professional account or a personal account on Upela
2. 2. Go to SETTINGS in your Client Space
3. 3. Click on OPTIONS on the top menu
4. 4. At the bottom of the page, click on LABEL FORMAT, and instead of PDF select ZPL


5. 5. Do not forget to SAVE before leaving the page

Automatically, each shipping form you will receive after ordering on Upela will be ready to print on your thermal printer.

Why use a thermal printer to prepare your parcel shipments ?

Printing your shipping forms using a thermal printer will make you save time.
So stop looking for a both simple and efficient method to stick properly your shipping labels on your parcels.

As a professional, your brand image will be enhanced.
By sending a parcel with a shipping form self-adhesive on it, you will make a good impression on your customers, suppliers and partners.