You are a marketplace in the process of being created or already created? Or an e-shop owner? And need a multi-carrier technical solution that covers several countries?

Why set up the Upela API?

Our API solution allows you to integrate our transportation offers into your customers' shopping experience.

Benefits of Upela API:

gain de temps

Time saving
All the offers available on your marketplace or on your e-commerce


Take advantage of Upela's negotiated rates
You will have direct access to our shipping offers.

contrat transporteur

Integrate all your carrier contracts
Integrate your contracts and access all your offers and those of Upela, centralized from your site.


200+ destinations
Transport to over 200 countries worldwide


30 carriers
Internationally available

 It's simple, thanks to our solution, you can offer your customers many transport options at negotiated rates and facilitate their logistics without changing platforms.

You can make export and import shipments from over 200 countries.

We also allow you to integrate your own carrier contracts and manage all shipments in one place, whether you have a contract with DHL or FedEx, you can now access all your contracts at once.

We provide all the API documentation to integrate our solution and thus, access our offers. However, if you need specific support, please do not hesitate to contact us.