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Rules and legislation

Below is a list of forbidden or controlled goods. We advise you to check that your items are not on this list before sending.

Non-transportable Goods

  • Dangerous, inflammable or corrosive products
  • Compressed air products (for example aerosols, gas bottles, extinguishers)
  • Perfumes
  • Lithium-ion battery except if it's included in the equipment (mobile phone, laptop, camera, etc. CAREFUL: only one item containing a battery is allowed per consignment). Products including a powerful battery are forbidden (electric bicycles and wheels, electric motors, etc.).
  • Electronic smoking devices
  • Engine or gearbox not drained
  • Household appliances
  • Plasma TVs, and LCD screens over 32"
  • Cash, jewelry made of precious stones or metals
  • Explosives, fireworks and other incendiary or inflammable articles, firearms, war weapons, munitions and spare parts
  • Money - all types even negotiable instruments considered as cash, such as securities, shares, etc.
  • Human bodies, organs or body parts, human or animal embryos, incinerated or decomposed human remains, dangerous waste, including but not restricted to, used hypodermic needles and/or syringes or medical waste
  • Perishable foodstuffs, plants and plant products
  • Any other product with this kind of symbol :
  • Wet parcels, parcels that appear to be leaking or emit some kind of smell
  • Products requiring a license or special authorization for their transport, import or export (such as drugs, food and in particular alcoholic beverages)
  • Articles which transport, import or export are forbidden by any law or regulation.
  • Shipments which might damage or cause delay to equipment, staff or other parcels.

If the article you wish to send is included in this list, please contact the carrier directly.

  • DHL Customer service : 0825 10 00 80
  • UPS Customer service : 0821 233 877
  • FedEx Customer service : 0820 123 800

You should also contact the customs service in the destination country. These types of goods must be accompanied by official documents, such as licenses, certificates or permits to import or export.


Goods banned from export

  • counterfeit goods
  • goods of a pedophile nature
  • asbestos and products containing it, except for those items covered by Article 7, of 24th December 1996


Goods banned from import

  • counterfeit goods
  • goods of a pedophile nature
  • asbestos and products containing it, except for those items covered by Article 7, of 24th December 1996
  • products containing dangerous substances, such as lead salts or nickel
  • plants, plant products such as bark, seeds, soil and growing mediums, which are all prohibited from being brought into all the member states, as set out in Appendix lll of the 24th May 2006
  • any animal feeds or food of animal origin which are prohibited under the current national or EC health regulations
  • Cat or dog skins or furs and any products containing them


Goods we do not advise sending

Because of their fragility, you are advised not to send:

  • Glass and crystal
  • Art : Paintings, Canvas, Pottery, ceramic, vases and fragile decorative objects
  • Drinks and liquids (soap, cooking oils, etc.,)
  • Large-sized, high-tech equipment 

Do not send these items unless they are perfectly wrapped and protected in a suitable, specific container.

For further information, please consult our carrier's Conditions of Sale :

Documents required

In some cases a document must be provided with your shipment

Your shipments to or from abroad must be accompanied by a certain number of obligatory documents. Here is a list of them:


European Union countries*

Non-European Union countries

For a document of no value

There are no customs formalities

There are no customs formalities

For an object or an article for subsequent sale

There are no customs formalities

It is obligatory to attach 3 copies of the commercial invoice.

For articles or objects not destined for resale (e.g. gifts, returned goods, personal objects, samples)

There are no customs formalities

It is obligatory to attach 3 copies of the commercial invoice.

And this document (if your shipment value exceeds 150$)

Note : some countries are excluded from the European Economic Area, viz. European Union countries and the exceptions (Switzerland, Andorra, Norway...)


Taxes and Customs Duties

Should we pay the taxes and/or customs duties ?

The addressee should settle the customs duties and the VAT when the country of origin and the destination are not in the same economic zone. There are no duties nor taxes on shipment within the European Community.

The duties and taxes are calculated according to the country of origin and the destination, and also by the nature of the goods shipped; these taxes are payable upon recipt of the parcel from the driver, unless you hold a DHL, FedEx or UPS account. If you do hold an account with DHL, UPS or FedEx, you may be charged a handling fee (between 10 and 22€) by the carrier.

For further information, you may visit : https://www.douane.gouv.fr/professionnels/commerce-international (www.hmrc.gov.uk in the UK)


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