Sending parcels per UPS

Its principal objective is to simplify global exchanges. UPS manages the movement of merchandise, capital and information in more than 215 countries. Its efficiency and productivity have made it the world's number one in the express delivery of parcels.

Today, this internationally renowned logistics company is extremely successful, with record profits reported in 2011. In the fourth quarter of 2011, UPS delivered 1.13 billion parcels.

The price of sending a parcel with UPS

Send your parcels, pallets or envelopes and save money with Upela! Pay less your parcel shipments per UPS thanks to our negotiated rates obtained by pooling the shippings of thousands of businesses. You can now send your parcels to AustriaMexico or South Korea at the best price.

If you are a professional, you can even benefit from additional discounts just by creating a professional account on Upela: it’s easy, free of charge, without engagement and without a minimum volume of shipments!


The UPS-offers available for your shipments of parcels

On our transporter comparator, you can choose between several UPS offers depending on the destination, the nature and the emergency of your shipment.

  • UPS Standard: a door-to-door economic service (pick-up and delivery on site)
  • UPS Saver: express delivery service on Day+1
  • UPS Express: express delivery the day after the pick-up. Delivery before noon!


UPS Access Point offers

From now on, you don’t need to wait for the UPS driver to pick up or deliver you parcel, you can drop it off and collect it in any UPS Access Point Locations.

Those UPS Access Point Locations are local businesses in your neighborhood opened at night and during the week-end. There are UPS Access Point Locations in Europe, Mexico, Canada and United States (over 20 0000 locations).


Track a parcel sent with UPS

You can track your shipment on Upela or directly on UPS website.