How to transport a heavy and bulky parcel?

Are you a professional or a private individual and need to send bulky parcels of 66 lbs or more? Find all our packaging tips and carrier recommendations for your bulky shipments.

How to send a heavy and bulky parcel ?

Whether you are a private individual or a professional, the first thing you need to know before shipping a large package is that your shipment must be portable by the carrier. 

For example: you have a 66 lbs parcel to send and you live or work in a building that is on the 6th floor without an elevator. You must know that the courier who will come to collect your parcel is not obliged to go up to your floor to collect your parcel, it must be easily accessible and therefore deposited at the foot of the courier's truck. 

Couriers who transport parcels are not removal companies, but must make a trip from point A to point B with their truck. They have every right to refuse to pick up or drop off a large package if they are not able to carry it with their bare hands. 

Even if it is a small shipment of 2 lbs, the carrier is not obliged to pick it up on your floor, but on the first floor, some accept, but it's up to them.

Therefore, you must make sure that it can be transported to the foot of the truck by yourself.

How to transport a large parcel?

1.Packaging : 

  • If your package weighs more than 44 lbs we advise you to use a double or triple fluted box.
  • If your parcel weighs more than 110 lbs we advise you to use a wooden, metal or solid plastic box, as well as an interior protection in preformed foam. For this type of shipment, we strongly recommend the use of a pallet so that the transport is carried out in the best possible conditions.  
  • Also check that your packaging is airtight, especially if the contents are sensitive (e.g. books, hi-tech equipment)
  • Make sure the container (cardboard, wooden box etc.) is the right size to support the weight of your shipment, and that the surfaces are flat (i.e. not curved or bulging)
  • Seal your shipment with strong/reinforced tape 
  • Weigh and measure your shipment once it is packaged to ensure that the weight and dimensions are correct. Once taken in charge by the carriers, the packages are again weighed and measured by the carriers. If the carriers find a discrepancy between the declared weight/dimensions and the actual weight/dimensions, the carrier may charge you for this discrepancy.

2.Who can ship large packages ? 

It is possible with most of our partner carriers to send large parcels in France or internationally, at the best price :

  • Colissimo
    • Maximum weight: 66 lbs 
    • Maximum dimensions: the largest side (L) must be less than 40 inches
  • UPS
    • Maximum weight: 44 lbs 
    • Maximum dimensions: maximum length 31 inches
  • DHL 
    • Maximum pallet weight: 6 614 lbs per shipment
    • Maximum dimensions: length 40 x width 47 x height 71 inches
    • Maximum parcel weight: 154 lbs per parcel
  • TNT
    • Maximum pallet weight: 2 204 lbs per pallet
    • Maximum dimensions: length 94 x width 47 x height 71 inches
    • Maximum parcel weight: 154 lbs per parcel
  • FedEx
    • Maximum pallet weight: 2 204 lbs per pallet 
    • Maximum dimensions: 119 inches x 70 inches, maximum length and circumference 300 inches
    • Maximum parcel weight: 150 lbs per parcel
  • DPD
    • Maximum weight: 66 lbs 
    • Maximum dimensions: length must be less than 118 inches


How to send a 132 lbs parcel?

The carriers able to take care of the parcels of more than 132 lbs are : 

  • DHL
  • TNT
  • FedEx
  • Our courier service


Which carrier for large parcels ?

As a private individual, shipping large parcels can be difficult, because most offers are reserved for professionals who have a mastery of sending large parcels (e.g.: sending pallets, or sending parcels of more than 66 lbs).

Professionals are used to set up this type of shipment, however as a private individual there are solutions to ship large packages. We advise you to use a courier service, because offers for large shipments (over 66 lbs) are not available for individuals. 

For bulky parcels under 66 lbs, it is possible to send your parcel with most of our carriers, however, be sure to respect our recommendations for packaging of packages. 

Have a good shipment!

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