Economy: the right time for exporting

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Economy: the right time for exporting

The economic trends support it: American and Asian growths, drop in the currency value of the euro against the dollar and lower prices are all positive indicators for international sales. According to analysts the times we face are particularly good for the export of French companies, despite the rather difficult economic climate.

In this context, exporting has never been so easy, as explains the founder of, Philippe Boulay: “the growth of emerging countries and of our traditional partners, added to the fall in the euro, should help setting up a long-lasting favorable climate for the export of French firms”.

A dynamic Upela would like to encourage by accompanying French companies in their international development. “Thanks to our 20 years’ experience in international trade and our partnerships knotted with the leaders in global transportation (DHL, FedEx, UPS), we offer since 2013 a price comparator for the import and export of parcels in more than 200 countries.”

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