Choose express package transport for all your deliveries

Express delivery addresses these issues while offering a reliable and simple shipping solution but it is also fast, avoiding any unwelcome surprises for business users.

Packages: express shipping

Express transport consists in sending one or several parcels with a fast and guaranteed delivery time, from one point to another.

Compare rates for parcels and pallets: shipments low cost

Upela is a price comparator which, in just a few clicks, displays the offers of the leading transporters to help you to find the one that best suits you.

Coronavirus: Transport and carriers updates

Coronavirus: shipments are still available in most of the countries. Know in real time the updates of each carrier.

DHL: growth of express transport

On-line product sales are boosting imports into France and, accordingly, express delivery transport. DHL turnover in 2013 has increased.

Economy: the right time for exporting

the growth of emerging countries and of our traditional partners, added to the fall in the euro, should help setting up a long-lasting favorable climate for the export of French firms

Sending (and receiving) a package abroad is nothing extraordinary

What does Incoterms mean? What are the regulated or prohibited products ?

Ecology: DHL goes green

Since 2007 , DHL launched its GoGreen Program in order to curb by 30% its greenhouse gas emissions by 2020.

Delivering pallets in France and abroad: it's on a roll

The pallet is a transport support used in many activity sectors to the point that it has become a counting unit in the transport world.

Send parcels to United States : compare rates

Send a parcel to United States and save money with Upela! Compares quotes from the leaders in international express delivery

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