Christmas gifts: be careful with customs regulations

Our advice

Christmas is coming and you need to send gifts to your clients or family? Professionals or individuals, be vigilant and pay attention to the customs regulations of the destination country. Upela helps you see it a little clearer.

First of all, a gift can be taxed at customs! It depends on its value. Each country has its own customs rules according to the value and nature of the goods sent. So, check in advance with the customs of the concerned country to determine their customs specificities in terms of shipping gifts. It would be unfortunate if your recipient has to pay duties and taxes to receive his/her Christmas present.

Furthermore, Christmas or not, many products or goods are still considered non-transportable and are therefore strictly forbidden. Thus, cosmetics, perfumes, alcohol, tobacco and its derivatives or perishable foodstuffs may not be supported by carriers such as DHL, UPS or FedEx.

If you want to know if your gift is part of the list of prohibited goods, Upela drew up a comprehensive list here.

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