Unboxing : a marketing tool for customer experience

Unboxing: how to improve the customer experience?

Unboxing or "unpacking" is simply the process of taking a product out of its packaging. This one has been a well-known experience since 2015, since YouTube is flooded with "unboxing" videos. Popularized by influencers, whether they specialize in technology, gaming, lifestyle, luxury or beauty, unboxing videos have brought the notion of shopping experience to light with a consumer audience that is far more alert to the details than before.

Why consider unboxing in your marketing strategy? 

When a customer receives the package, the unboxing is the first physical experience of the customer with the product, so it is crucial, it must be positive and pleasant for the customer. Whether it is the sensory impressions (touch, smell, visual) but also the ease of opening, this first interaction of the customer with the product must be pleasant. Online shopping doesn’t allow for a physical interaction between the customer and the product, so his first impression with it must be positive. 

Since unboxing videos have emerged on our social networks for several years now, before placing an order, customers do not hesitate to consult reviews on purchases made online, whether they are made by influencers or not.

"34% of views of food, electronics, toy, beauty or fashion unboxing videos are accumulated in the October to December period. A volume 1.5 times greater than the rest of the year." We report the newspaper Slate.fr. 

This means that before placing an order during commercial highlights such as Black Friday or Christmas, users don’t hesitate to do research and get information from influencers (or less influential consumers) in order to make a purchase or not.

Apple product packaging

This phenomenon of unboxing videos works well, because they allow several things:

  • The authors of these videos take the time to describe in a precise way their impressions and emphasize the details: this allows the consumer to see in what they will invest their money in a concrete way  
  • To have an idea of the real size of the items purchased online, which is not really obvious when the customer will consult the product only on the e-commerce site. 
  • Get a fresh and sincere opinion (when the content is not sponsored) 

Packvertising : success factor?

Packvertising is an advertising strategy that consists in investing budget in the packaging boxes and the packaging of products. As WARC newspaper explains "packvertising is building brand awareness with the help of packaging, and therefore without paid advertisements." Unboxing is easily shareable content, a positive experience that can be shared on social networks, and become viral which will offer you "free" advertising. 

How to do a good unboxing: our 4 tips 

  1. Create a true brand identity through packaging
  2. Make the opening experience enjoyable through small touches 
  3. Opt for a sustainable packaging option 
  4. Create a multi-sensory experience

1.Create a true brand identity through packaging

The perfect example for this first point is Apple, which has been able to pull the thread of its premium positioning, even luxury, through the product, through their points of sale and the packaging of their products. These are minimalist, studied to the millimeter, with a design that takes the codes of luxury watchmaking.  However, you don't have to be an Apple to build a brand identity. 

First, you can customize the interior or exterior of your box with your brand logo and design it with your company colors. You can also take it a step further by adding custom tape to seal your shipment.

branded box


2.Make the opening experience enjoyable through small touches 

It is not necessary to set up this type of operation throughout the year if you don’t have a very high budget, but punctually in the year you can add small goodies in your shipment. This will not leave your customers unaffected, you can put in a “thank you” card for the order made, and why not some samples or goodies. For example, the brand Les secrets de Loly in collaboration with influencers at Christmas launched a box of key hair products in which you could find candy and a card with a word from the influencer whose box you had chosen.

loly's secrets unboxing exemple


3.Opt for a sustainable packaging option

The ecology being more and more at the core of the concerns of the purchasers, they are more concerned about what they consume and how they consume it. Be careful not to put in your packages unnecessary items that can pollute like confetti. Moreover, if you have the possibility, use recyclable materials like cardboard. To go further, you can anticipate possible returns of your products, and use reusable packaging for customer returns. Some brands like Repack are specialized in responsible cardboard / packaging.

organic packaging


4.Create a multi-sensory experience

To create a multi-sensory experience you can think about the materials you are going to use, for example for the touch when unpacking, you can use a soft touch effect cardboard and an easy opening. Depending on the items you are going to sell, you can lightly perfume your shipments to play on the sense of smell, this approach can make sense if you work in cosmetics or if your company has its own olfactory identity.

apple unboxing product


5.Bonus : the shipping mode

Of course, one of the vectors of this strategy is the shipping mode, or rather the shipping time of your products. Because this element also comes into play, put forward on your online store several shipping methods, having the choice between express or standard can be appreciable!

Nearly 20 million Unboxing videos have been made on YouTube in 2020. Even if this trend is not new, it is anchored in the consumption modes. With the current context and the disrupted modes of purchase, do not hesitate to work on the customer experience through this marketing tool.  Even prosumers or individuals selling items on Vinted tend to personalize their shipments, so this procedure is not only specific to companies. You can learn from the many youtubers who make unboxing videos. Finally, why not suggest to your customers to do a review after their experience on your online store through networks like Instagram, YouTube or Tik Tok?

For more tips, check out our guide to the different packaging options for your shipments.

Good shipping!

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