Sending an urgent package: when commissions are in a hurry

Do you have customers in a hurry, tight deadlines to comply with or are you just impatient to get what you ordered? In order to save time, we offer you a quick overview of our most direct shipping services.

Amazon takes over the French delivery company Colis Prive

Amazon has reached an agreement to buy back all the shares of the French company Colis Privé

Explanations about package follow up: follow your leader!

Parcel tracking offers numerous advantages to you and your customers alike. Choose parcel tracking for all your orders and follow the guide!

Express transport: a host of advantages ... for you too

Express transport cuts down your logistic costs and stocks, while working on a tight flow basis.

Upela explains parcel's rate

How to calculate the cost of sending a parcel? Rates may vary depending on the destination or the type of delivery. Upela explains you everything.

Scam Alert - Money Deposit / Money Order

Fraud/Scam Alert: Some individuals are using Upela's identity to extort money. How to identify the scam and what to do if you are a victim.

Shipping: compare prices with Upela

It is not always easy to find a long-term provider for your occasional shipments... Comparing rates of various carriers can be tedious if you have to get quotes from each of them every time. So how to find a good compromise?

Upela: our customers talk about us!

Upela services: our customers will tell you all about them! See some of the user testimonials on the TrustedShops Upela page.

Travel light : ship your luggage ahead with Upela

Send your luggage and suitcases with carriers such as UPS , DHL and FedEx. That way you can travel light or withdraw your forgotten belongings, even abroad.

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