Upela.com allows you to compare prices among worldwide carriers such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, DPD or TNT. Compare and be sure you get the best quotes for the shipping of your parcels or pallets. Save money today on both your one-off and regular shipments by using our shipping rates comparator to get an estimate for the forwarding of your parcels, pallets or envelopes.

Parcel delivery quotes: our tips

In order to get a quote for transportation as precise as possible, assess carefully the weight and dimensions of your parcel or pallet. These two criteria will set the shipping price lof your sending. Therefore you should not underestimate them or an extra charge will be added to your shipping fees. Check out our two practical sheets “How to weigh my shipments?” and “How to measure my shipments?” to perform these two steps properly. You can then choose the best shipping quote depending on the emergency of your shipment. Upela.com proposes same-day deliveries, as well as express next-day, two-days, ... deliveries.

International delivery quotes: ship everywhere with Upela!

Upela.com helps you ship your parcels in more than 200 countries worldwide. Compare  prices and get a quote for your international deliveries. it only takes a few clicks to ship your pallets and parcels at the other end of the world in express! Perfect for your long distance or urgent shipments, the online shipping rates comparator Upela ensures that you always get the best price for your international shipments, for exports and imports.

Pallets and parcels shipping quotes: why choose Upela?

Based on over 20 years in import/export, Upela.com has the know-how to negotiate huge discounts on shipping fees for you, whether you are a professional or an individual. All proposed services of the leaders in express deliveries (DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT and many others!) are available via our price comparator and meet the specific requirements of each shipper (tight delivery deadlines, door-to-door deliveries, scheduled delivery). Numerous professional tools complete this offer: Drop ShipmentShipping plugins for eShopsdeferred payment...