For international deliveries, Upela allows you to send your parcels, folds and pallets to more than 220 countries worldwide, at the best rate. To do so, simply use our price comparison tool and choose from a list of the best international carriers (such as DHL express, TNT international, FedEx or UPS, etc.) available to send your packages internationally.

NB: Be sure to consult the information sheet of the destination country to know all the customs formalities and ship without worries. 

International shipping with Upela

It is by the volume of parcel shipment that Upela offers negotiated rates with the leaders of international transport and express transport.
Compare easily and find in a few clicks shipping rates of your international parcel shipments. Benefit from immediate discounts on the price of your shipments, up to -75% for some carriers.

International tracking

The collection of your shipments is done where you want on your place of storage, or directly at your supplier. Express delivery will be made to the address you have chosen, within the time limit indicated when you placed your order. As soon as your package is picked up, you will be able to follow its progress with Upela's online tracking service

For shipments outside the European Union, check that your shipments are authorized, and that you have all the supporting documents.

envoyer colis international

Compete on the shipment of folds, pallets or parcels, and benefit from the best rate, it is possible in a few clicks with Upela.

Choose the place of collection of your shipments, the destination, the weight and the dimensions of your shipments then validate. A list of carriers associated with the proposed rate will then be available for you to choose from.

To compare the offers for sending parcels in Europe or internationally, enter the information requested as accurately as possible. If you underestimate the weight of your shipment, or its dimensions, additional charges will be applied later by the carrier.

For both import and export, you can check the rates for your international express shipments to over 220 countries. Delivery times vary depending on the delivery method chosen (standard or express) and the destination country.

Ship a package overseas: duties and taxes

Before sending a parcel internationally, we recommend that you take note of the different rules in force concerning the export to the country concerned. Indeed, each customs has its own rules, in terms of documents to provide and prohibited goods.

Thus, specific customs documents must be provided if you are sending a shipment to a country outside the European Union, depending on its value and purpose (gift, personal items or items for sale). These procedures are indicated on the page Customs, taxes and documents to be provided: what do I need to know before sending abroad?

For international shipments, certain specific or dangerous goods are prohibited for import and export: this is the case for example for household appliances, cash or explosives. A list is provided on our page: Goods prohibited or not recommended for import and export. Furthermore, each country has its own prohibitions, which you can find on the specific pages (see list above).

If you are shipping within the European Union, no customs formalities are required. 

NB: The United Kingdom is no longer part of the European Union and you will have to make customs declarations.

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If you ship outside the EU you will be subject to customs declarations depending on the nature of your shipment:

  • A document without value: you will not have to go through customs formalities 
  • An object intended for sale: you will have to attach a commercial invoice in 3 copies 
  • An item not intended for sale (personal effects, returned goods, etc.): you must provide a pro-forma invoice in triplicate. For your shipments to the USA you must send a DECLARATION OF FREE SHIPPING OF UNACCOMPANIED ITEMS (if the value of your shipment exceeds $150)