Choose express package transport for all your deliveries

Shipment and logistics

Professionals, why not choose express package transport for all your deliveries?

Delivery times that are too long, the impossibility of tracking your shipment, delivery issues (in accessible relay points, complicated opening hours etc.). "Traditional" parcel deliveries can become an arduous task for professionals who have specific needs.

Express delivery addresses these issues while offering a reliable and simple shipping solution (the parcels are picked up at the business, or personal, address of the sender and shipped directly to the recipient) but it is also fast (very often, deliveries are made in less than 24 hours), avoiding any unwelcome surprises for business users.

In addition, this type of transport enables business users to offer guaranteed tracking to its customer: express delivery means that the parcel has a tracking number allowing it to be monitored in real time. The recipient of the parcel is therefore able to open an interface allowing him to track his delivery at any time.

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