Travel light : ship your luggage ahead with Upela

Transportation services

Looking to travel light or simply get your items forgotten during a trip (hotel, guest house, your business offices ...)?Use Upela to send your luggage throughout France and all over the world and have them delivred to the address of your choice.

Sending suitcases with Upela explained

Upela allows you to compare offers of the leading express carriers (FedExDHLUPS) and to ship your suitcases at lower cost in France and in 220 destinations worldwide.The pickup is at your address (for shipping your luggage) or where you left your items (hotel, office...). You also decide the delivery address, where the courier will directly deliver.

Depending on your sending country and country of destination, your luggage can arrive the day after collection: which is perfect for getting back suitcases forgotten at the hotel, or for travelling light and carrying your belongings directly to the headquarters of your company, if you go there for a seminar for instance.

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