Delivering pallets in France and abroad: it's on a roll

Shipment and logistics

The pallet is a transport support used in many activity sectors to the point that it has become a counting unit in the transport world. How are they transported? What do the professionals recommend when you are preparing your pallets?

To move and store heavy and bulky equipment easily, the easiest way is to load it on a pallet. Similarly, numerous parcels being sent to the same address can be loaded more quickly if they are grouped together on the same palette than if they have to be loaded and unloaded one by one. Whether your customers are professionals or private parties, they always like being proposed the possibility of delivery on pallets, which enormously facilitates handling operations.

However, you cannot improvise pallet shipments. It is obvious that such a bulky item cannot simply be left with the local post office. Although the big shipping firms like UPS, FedEx or DHL ensure the pick-up and delivery of pallets, you still have to choose the one that suits you, and specifically for what service. The simplest way is to use a price comparative or like Upela which will offer a complete range of proposals by the main shipping companies.

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