How to find a professional transporter?

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Addressing the needs of businesses

With exchanges becoming more international, and with the upswing in on-line trading, professionals who now need to send more and more parcels are now facing new needs. In this context, finding a transporter to deal with corporate issues is not just an advantage, it's essential.

Comparing transporter offers

The first thing a business looking for a reliable transporter must do is to compare all the offers that exist on the market on the basis of different criteria: sizes, weights, type of shipping (parcel, package, palette, bulky item), the urgency of the shipment (express transport or not), the destination (France or abroad) and, of course, the cost.

To address these needs, there are many sites now available for studying the various offers made by transport companies. More often than not, the sites also offer discounts (often more interesting for business customers), and sometimes allow orders to be placed directly via their interface.

Upela, carrier comparator offers business users the use of a tool for comparing the offers of transport leaders like UPS, DHL or FedEx. The tool enables users to compare the shipping costs for every type of parcel (letter, parcel, package, pallet or even bulky item) depending on the urgency of the pick-up (same day, next day or during the week etc.) and the destination.

There are more than 220 countries available for import and export – not necessarily passing through France – and express shipments are almost always proposed among the various offers. The discounts negotiated with the transporters enable you to benefit from discounts of up to 70%. Upela's business offer is filled out by many other services including an integrated contact book for optimizing regular deliveries, deferred payment, or prepaid shipping forms.

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