Mother's Day: 5 marketing tips to boost your sales

Mother's Day is fast approaching, it is an important commercial event just like Christmas or Valentine's Day.

This year's Mother's Day falls on Sunday, May 8. To prepare for this event, here are 5 tips to boost your marketing strategy.

Consumer habits for Mother's Day

To better prepare for Mother's Day, it's important to understand consumer habits during this time. First of all, we can see that the searches made on this topic start only one week before this event. Indeed, when we look at the search trends around this theme on Google trends during the last 5 years, we observe that the first searches are done 1 to 2 weeks (maximum) before the deadline. We also notice that there is a significant peak of researches the 3 days before Mother's Day:

  • Search trends for "Mother's Day in 2021
    mothers day 2021

  • Search trends for "Mother's Day in 2020" query
    mothers day 2020

  • Search trends for query "Mother's Day in 2019"
    mothers day 2019

In 2021 a Yougov study reveals that 4 out of 10 people plan to give a gift for Mother's Day, among those who plan to give a gift :

  • 39% have a budget of 32 to 64 dollars
  • 29% have a budget of less than dollars
  • 18% have a budget of more than dollars

Mother's Day: what are the most given gifts?

  1. Flowers
  2. Perfume
  3. A meal in a restaurant
  4. A personalized gift
  5. Chocolates
  6. Jewelry

17% of the people surveyed do not know what to offer for Mother's Day, which can be a real opportunity for your e-commerce.

In order to activate some marketing levers, we have the following preliminary information to better understand the behavior of our customer prospects:

  • The key moments during which they carry out their research: mid-May and the 3 days preceding Mother's Day
  • Their average shopping basket: between 32 and 64 dollars for the majority of consumers
  • The products they look for the most

Now all you have to do is to implement the most appropriate marketing actions at the right time, to do this here are 5 ideas of marketing actions to implement :

Mother's Day: What strategy to adopt?

1.Create a newsletter:

Before acquiring new customers, you can solicit those you already have in your base via an e-mailing campaign. You can offer your customers a discount code for the occasion, or a selection of gift ideas.

2.Optimize your SEA campaigns:

If it is not already the case, you can set up ads on Google, or rework some of your campaigns in order to put Mother's Day in front. As mentioned earlier, searches around Mother's Day start one to two weeks before the event so don't hesitate to anticipate and prepare your ad groups today to target your future customers. It is possible that the bids of the keywords are high on the requests around Mother's Day because there is a lot of competition on this period, as on all the commercial peaks.

3. Animate your social networks:

You can create / highlight products and/or animations around Mother's Day by focusing on rather visual social networks such as: Instagram, Tik Tok or Pinterest. Put forward a selection of products, gift ideas, you can also create a contest to engage your community and expand it.

In addition to organic posts, you can create paid campaigns on Instagram for example, in carousel format to highlight several gift ideas. In addition, the Instagram Shopping feature allows your customers to buy directly via Instagram without leaving the platform which therefore allows for a simpler purchase path once your target has been reached and has clicked on the ad.

A Facebook study reveals that 81% of respondents use Instagram to discover products and services, and 50% have visited an e-commerce site to purchase a product/service after seeing it in Instagram stories.

4.Optimize your website :

You can highlight some of your products on the homepage of your site with a banner or a special Mother's Day skin with gift ideas for the occasion or even your best sellers. You can also create a dedicated "Mother's Day" section with several gift ideas to better guide your users and highlight some of your products.

5. Think about the latecomers :

As mentioned above, the peak of research around Mother's Day takes place 1 to 2 days before the deadline, so it is wise to bet on the latecomers for the occasion. You can therefore highlight express or 24-hour delivery to show your customers that they can receive their purchases in time. You can put this offer forward either on your homepage, modify your Google ads or put it forward on your different social networks. Fortunately, at Upela we have many express shipping offers, creating a free account will give you access to our best offers for professionals:

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