Scam Alert - Money Deposit

Transportation services

It appears that individuals are using Upela's image as well as our corporate identity to extract money from potential clients. We take phishing and fraud attempts very seriously.

How to identify the scam?

We have identified several fraudulent emails from the following email addresses: / /

Some use the LeBonCoin platform.

Here are some examples of fraudulent emails :

Note that does not send parcels and does not use a money order deposit. Also all valid emails at Upela end with @

What if you have received this type of email?

We advise you to immediately stop any exchange with your interlocutor. Do not reply to emails and do not click on any links in the body of these emails. We also recommend that you make a report to the CNIL: 

Our legal department is informed of this situation and takes the necessary measures to report these practices.

What is "phishing"?

According to the CNIL : "" phishing "is for the fraudster to pretend to be an organization which is familiar to you by using its logo and name" to try to extract your personal or banking data.

How to protect yourself against “phishing”?

  1. Be careful when reading your emails. Does this email sound suspicious? Reread well.
  2. Be careful with so-called "rush shipments" and the deadlines contained in the email.
  3. Look carefully at the website address as well as the email address. Fraudulent emails often come from an email address with typos eg instead of
  4. If you have any doubts, do not click on links or download attachments from the email.
  5. Never share your personal details or passwords.

We are at your entire disposal for more information.

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