Ship your parcels, envelopes and pallets with TNT 

Our transport partner TNT is the leader in express deliveries for businesses and distinguishes itself on this market by the quality of its customer service. TNT is committed to its customers. Proof of this is its Charter based on the 5 fundamentals of the Customer Relationship. TNT benefits from a unique European road network composed of 19 road hubs and of 550 drop-off depots connecting 40 countries.

To ensure a worldwide presence, TNT uses its own local and international road and air networks to deliver parcels, envelopes and pallets in more than 200 countries. More than 1,000,000 parcels are handled by TNT everyday all over the globe!

Trust TNT to deliver your parcels, envelopes and pallets in Europe, Asia, or in America via our shipping rates comparator and ave money on all your shipments!

 You can get a quote online anytime and for free directly on our home page

The price of a parcel shipment with TNT

Ship your goods or personal effects anywhere in the world with Upela without breaking the bank! Our partnership with TNT allows us to benefit from extremely competitive transport prices and thus guarantee you the best rates for all your shipments.

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TNT Rates

The different TNT services available for your shipments of envelopes, parcels and pallets

Upela gives you access to several offers which meet your requirements in term of delivery time and shipping costs, depending on your collection area and destination :

Economy: door-to-door delivery

  • Delivery before noon in Europe
  • Delivery in 2 days in Europe and in 4 to 7 days outside Europe

Express: door-to-door delivery

  • Delivery before 9 am in major cities
  • Delivery before 10 am in in major cities
  • Delivery before noon in major cities
  • Delivery the next day or in 2 to 3 in remote areas 

Track your shipment

You would like to know the status of your TNT shipment?You don't need to phone to get more information. You can track your sendings directly on our website or directly on TNT website.

Tracking TNT


Prohibited goods

Not all goods are allowed to be exported, as they may be dangerous or illegal. Therefore, TNT does not allow

  • Goods prohibited by national and international laws
  • Goods that are dangerous to humans
  • Goods that are packed in a dangerous way

As well as :

  • Jewelry / Luxury / Art / Precious materials: jewelry, coins, precious stones and jewelry, antiques, works of art, masterpieces
  • Living or dead beings: human beings, living or dead animals, insects, fishing bait, ashes and funeral relics, organs.
  • Payment: payment vouchers (luncheon vouchers, gift vouchers, vacation vouchers...)
  • Weapons of any type (e.g. lethal or injurious), spare parts, ammunition, imitation weapons, and replicas of weapons for collection purposes, high explosive materials.
  • Foodstuffs / Alcohol : Fresh foodstuffs and those under controlled temperature
  • Documents : Non-reconstructable documents and tenders, postage and tax stamps, examination and competition papers, exhibits.
  • Manufactured tobacco

Learn more about TNT's prohibited goods.