Sending an urgent package: find an express transporter

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Sending an urgent package: how to find an express transporter at the last minute?

If you are a business or a supplier or you have an on-line shop, you must have come up against this problem at least once: how do you send a last-minute parcel from your company, while making sure that it arrives safely? If the solutions offered by TNT, Chronopost or La Poste are somewhat costly, they do not guarantee pick-up of your parcel during the day, nor next day delivery (irrespective of whether the recipient is in France or abroad). This can be particularly inconvenient if you have to deliver a product to a customer, quickly return a part to a supplier or send important documents by express delivery.

Express delivery companies can find a solution for your urgent parcels. Because they specialize in international deliveries, they offer turnkey solutions (you do not need to worry about the method of transport used) and deliver door-to-door: your parcel is picked up by the driver from your head office (or your home) and delivered directly to your recipient, particularly useful if your delivery is in a hurry. This avoids you having to deal with dropping off and delivery at relay points, and gains precious time for you.

There are many express delivery companies but you can look at their proposals in general using the transporter comparators, displayed on the website.

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