What is a packing slip?

A dispatch note or packing slip is a document used to send a letter, parcel or pallet. It is printed and affixed to your shipment. It contains information allowing the carrier to deliver your shipment, but also to track your shipment.

It is a document edited by the service provider (carrier), for the recipient, whose information has been filled in by the sender. It summarizes the quantity of goods, weight, size, and sometimes the nature of the contents of the parcel. 

What does a packing slip contain?

A packing slip contains the following information:

  • Sender's fullname
  • Company name (if the sender is a professional)
  • Departure address
  • Country of origin
  • The name of the carrier carrying out the routing of the parcel
  • Weight of the parcel
  • Tracking number
  • Shipping reference
  • Recipient’s fullname
  • Recipient's address 
  • Destination country
  • Barcode to be scanned by the carrier
slip sample

How to obtain a packing slip ?

If you want to obtain a delivery slip you can either go to a post office with your parcel and fill in your delivery information on a dedicated terminal. Or, you can request a delivery note online from our website by completing the delivery information in our offer comparator. 

Once you have completed the information, you will receive your packing slip by email, but it will also be available in your customer area. 

Warning: we strongly recommend that you make sure that the information you provide is accurate when you request a packing slip. Make sure that your parcel has been weighed and measured correctly (with the outside measurements of the package). We invite you to verify the delivery information, an error of address or weight/measurement can be subject to additional billing by the carriers.

When they are picked up, the parcels are again weighed and measured by the carriers. All parcels picked up by our carriers are subjected to a passage on an automated chain specially designed to record the dimensions and weight of the parcel. This operation is carried out on each parcel as soon as it arrives at the departure agency.

Thus, if the dimensions or the actual weight are underestimated and do not correspond to the data collected during transport, the shipment may be subject to additional billing.

How to use your packing slip?

In order to use your packing slip, you will first need to pack your package, and make sure that it has flat surfaces. 

You will have to stick the slip on your parcel, this one must be readable so we advise you to print it in A4 format, and to avoid affixing it on a corner or an edge of your parcel. 

The recipient's address and the barcode must be legible so that the carrier can scan it correctly. 

How to track the shipment of your package ?

The online tracking of your parcels allows you to know the progress of your shipment by informing you in real time of the route and location of your parcel(s). To do this, simply go to our tracking page, and enter your tracking number in our search bar.