Upela enables you to send parcels to Switzerland but also send parcels from Switzerland to any country in the European Union.

For easy import and export of packages, parcels, pallets and bulky items take advantage of our rates which are up to 75% cheaper with shipping firms like DHL, UPS and FedEx.To send your parcels to Switzerland, it is a simple matter of a few clicks with Upela.com!

Delivery in Switzerland: formalities for sending parcels to Switzerland

Because Switzerland is not in the European Union, parcels to or from Switzerland must be accompanied by 3 invoices (the original and 2 copies) containing precise details of the content. Any customs duties will be applied on shipping.

The packing and protection are essential to ensure the safe shipping of any fragile goods. Why not consult our packing tips.

  • antiques
  • asbestos
  • hazardous goods
  • firearms and weapons
  • furs
  • ivory
  • jewels
  • pornography
  • metals and precious

Envoyer un colis en Suisse


Shipping rates for parcels to Switzerland*

2,2 lbs 34,58€ 2 days
11 lbs 56,93€ 2 days
22 lbs 79,97€ 2 days
44 lbs 118,06€ 2 days
66 lbs 156,15€ 2 days

*The prices quoted above are not fixed, they are "starting from" rates, they depend on the characteristics of your shipment, as well as the delivery options selected. Our most advantageous rates are reserved for Upela customers, if you wish to benefit from them, just create a free account.


Benefit from the lowest rates for shipments to Switzerland

Refer to the pricer for the departure and destination address for importing from Switzerland or exporting to Switzerland with the greatest of ease.

France-Switzerland express shipping: starting from €22.95, next day delivery

Switzerland-France express shipping: starting from €29.50, next day delivery

How long does it take to send an express delivery to Switzerland?

For Switzerland, Upela proposes an express priority next day delivery service, between 10 AM and 12 PM, or delivery during the day. These offers are available for shipments for Europe-Switzerland and Switzerland-Europe

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Sending a parcel to Switzerland: things you need to know

  • Holidays in Switzerland: 1st January, 6 and 9 April, 1st, 17 & 28 May, 1st August, 25 & 26 December.

  • The Swiss Confederation is a country where political and military neutrality prevail. It is in Europe but is not part of the European Union. The 10 main cities are: Zürich, Geneva, Basel, Lausanne, Bern, Winterthur, Lucerne, St. Gallen, Lugano, Biel

  • Time zone: GMT +1:00