Computers, desks, chairs... How to equip your teams for home office?

Home office is more present than ever in our daily professional life. Since March 2021, it has pushed companies and employees to adapt to this way of working. While there are still uncertainties about the health situation, it is possible that the home office will become more permanent. Therefore, providing a suitable and comprehensive work environment for your teams can be a way to support them to maximize their performance and ensure an optimal working environment. For this purpose, it is possible to deliver home office kits: laptop, headset, office chair etc. Depending on the needs of your employees, have everything delivered to them!

Prepare your home office kits

To begin with, in order to frame this process, you can define a home office framework charter to know the needs of your employees. This will help define the "ideal" framework for home office, and list the elements that make up the framework. Once this charter is defined, the employees can make an assessment of what they have at home or not, and if they wish to make available the equipment they have for home office. By this way, the company can list the needs of the employees and start putting together the kits. To get started, here are some ideas of what to include in your kits:

  • Laptop computer
  • Mouse
  • Mouse pad
  • Headset
  • Office chair
  • Business phone etc.

Many companies in the computer hardware market have redesigned their websites to offer a range of home office equipment, the pure player Back Market now offers its users to buy reconditioned home office equipment.

Think of slipping some goodies in your parcels like a mug or a tote bag, it allows you to reinforce the feeling of belonging to the employees.

An ergonomic furniture contributes to the well-being of your employees in this difficult period, however, think also to train them to the good postures and to the good reflexes to avoid the misdeeds of sedentary life.

Manage the shipment of your home office kits:

kit télétravail

Managing the logistics of shipping these kits can be complex, here are our tips to help you ship your kits with peace of mind:

Packing your home office kits properly

Computers, professional telephones, headphones etc... These materials are expensive, during the transport of the parcels, they are handled in an industrial way and are thus subjected to a risk of breakage. Depending on the fragility of your products, you can choose a single, double or triple fluted cardboard. For larger materials and atypical shapes, make sure that the packaging has a regular shape. Don't forget to protect them well, you can find all our advice on the packaging of your kits.

Measure and weigh your shipments

Once your materials are properly packaged, you will need to measure and weigh them to get an estimate of your shipping costs.

To properly measure your shipments, you will need to record 3 dimensions:

  • L = length corresponding to the longest side
  • l = width corresponding to the intermediate side
  • H = height of the smaller side

In order to facilitate the measurement of your shipments, you can find our mini guide containing the standard sizes of shipments as well as the methods to measure your packages. To weigh them, there is no particular recommendation, a simple scale is enough!

Choose the most suitable delivery method

To ship your home office kits, we recommend that you use home delivery. Some materials such as office chairs or even a desk are heavy. Delivery to a drop-off location can be a hardship if your guide recipient is not able to carry it to their home. Moreover, if your employees receive them directly at home, they will only have to set up their workspace.

For this type of shipment, Upela adapts to your needs with its offers:

  • Economical (home delivery)
    • Our offers : Colissimo, Mondial Relay, UPS Access Point Economy, DHL Economy
  • Express premium
    • Our offers : UPS express saver, DHL Express, TNT, FedEx Priority overnight
  • On-demand courier
    • Have your kits delivered in less than 3 hours with Upela, for last minute shipments or for a service exclusively dedicated to your telework kits.

Whether your employees are in the same city as the company's headquarters or elsewhere, all our offers allow us to deliver them on time, even abroad.

Have a nice shipment!

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