Drop Shipment: a practical tool for professionals

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A parcel sometimes does not concern just one sender and one recipient. When you have to deliver goods at a distance, you will be particularly pleased with the business tool that Upela has designed specially for you: Drop Shipment.

Drop Shipment: what is it?

A conventional delivery concerns sending a parcel from point A (sent by the same customer and sender A) to a point B and a recipient, B. But for many reasons, it may happen that the person placing an order (A) is not the sender and the parcel will be sent from B to C.

Drop Shipment on Upela

If this is your situation, for instance for delivering goods at a distance (to a customer, from a supplier to your warehouse, etc…), you need to make a Drop Shipment (or use Drop Shipping), that is, send a parcel to a different address from yours to the recipient of your choice (as in the above example).

Our carrier comparator on Upela.com enables you to organize a shipment easily, without being the actual sender. After comparing the price of your shipment, all you need to do is connect with your business account (free) and use your address book to make a Drop Shipment in a few seconds!

All your transmissions with Upela.com

Are you looking for a transporter for your personal or business shipments? Use the Upela Price comparator on www.upela.com and create a business account for even bigger discounts. We can propose negotiated rates with the express transport leaders (FedEx, UPS, DHL): as much as -70% compared to public prices!

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