Using your Upela account, you can create your personal contact book and gain time each time you ship goods. Each contact entry contains essential information for deliveries (name/company, contact, telephone number, email and address).

The address book: what's it for?

Address book Upela enables you to ship goods using your address book integrated into your business account. In just a few clicks, you can select one of your contacts from the list, indicate the characteristics, size and weight of your shipment, and specify the desired date of pick-up.What's the advantage?

It means that before transmissions to regular customers, you do not need to type the address and particulars of each one.

You simply need to enter the information about your shipment, and that's it!


The address book: the other services

Our address book also allows you to make mass shipments (sending a parcel to several recipients in 2 clicks) and set up returns or imports (you prepare the shipment for your sender who has almost nothing to do!). Discover the address book on it is accessible when you create a business account, totally free of charge!