Mass shipping: what does that mean?

Mass shipping is a tool designed to enable you to send a similar parcel to a multitude of contacts: 2 clicks is all it takes to send the same parcel to several recipients!

Mass shipping: how do you do it?

You simply select the various recipients for your parcel using the integrated address book and giving the details of the order (type of goods, origin and value). There are two shipping modes available on our site (the cheapest or the fastest).


Mass shipment: the advantages

Our tool is ready to help you with multiple shipments, for instance if you have samples to send out to your customers, if you want to deliver a single product from your catalog, or if you want to send out company gifts.

You gain a great deal of time on each shipment! Discover all these services by opening your Upela business account, available free of charge in a few clicks of the mouse!