Our return/import tool: what's it for?

There are many different cases when you are the recipient and not the sender of a product but when you nevertheless have to cover the shipping expenses: our tool is ready to do it for you! The prepaid shipping form is a simple and efficient way of managing returns (repair, after sales, exchange for instance) and imports.


Returns and imports tool: how does it work?

Your sender manages his shipment as he wishes: he decides on the day and time of shipment, opens a trusted page (without your Upela account number being divulged to him), or simply indicates the size and weight of the parcel. All he needs to do is print out a prepaid form and attach it to his shipment. The plus points? Your returns or imports are simpler thanks to our integrated address book! Discover all these services by opening your Upela business account, available free of charge after a few clicks of the mouse!