Optimize your expenses thanks to Upela rates negotiated with DHL, UPS and FedEx. For import and export, we offer prices that are as much as 75% cheaper for your shipments of packages, parcels, pallets or bulky items to Africa.You want to send a parcel to Africa? Use our price comparator given below or go to our website and start your initial shipment in a few clicks!

Formalities to do a delivery to Africa

Because you are shipping items outside of the European Union, you must provide a sales invoice or a pro forma invoice (supplied by Upela when you place your order) in order to ensure smooth passage through the customs formalities.

Protect your fragile shipments to Africa. If necessary, refer to our packing tips.


Products prohibited for import into Africa

Each African country has its own legislation concerning prohibited products. If you have any doubts about the goods you are shipping, please contact us 

Send a parcel to Africa

Parcels to Africa: shipping times to Africa

Shipping times for Africa begin at 48 hours. These times refer to a door to door express delivery: pickup at the address of the sender and submittal against signature at the address of the recipient.


The best rates for sending a parcel to Africa or importing a parcel from Africa

Connect to our website and indicate the weight and size of your parcel to obtain an estimate. This brings you to the best transport offers the prices of which have already been negotiated for you! Refer to the ordering process to reserve your shipment using our guide.


Sending a parcel to Africa: things you need to know

  • Africa consists of 5 major regions: North Africa, West Africa, Central Africa, East Africa, South Africa

  • We can propose shipments of parcels to and from the following countries (set up links to the corresponding landing pages): South Africa, Algeria, Reunion, Morocco, Tunisia

  • Time zone: GMT +0:00/+1:00/+2:00/+3:00