With Upela, sending a parcel to Brazil is just a matter of a few clicks! Save as much as -75% on the price of your express shipping of packages, parcels, pallets or bulky items to Brazil.

Upela.com offers the services of DHL, UPS and FedEx for your parcel shipments to Brazil and your imports from Brazil.

Formalités de douanes pour envoyer un colis au Brésil

You must include a business or pro forma invoice (supplied by Upela) when you send parcels to Brazil or receive fossils from Brazil.

The shipping of alcohol to Brazil is illegal for private parties. For information or details about regulated products, contact us.

It is essential to protect your shipment. Adapt the packing to send fragile goods.

  • postal envelopes
  • personal mail
  • animals
  • antiques
  • asbestos
  • cheques
  • hazardous goods
  • firearms and parts
  • ivory
  • games of chance
  • pornography
  • metals and precious stones

Send a parcel to brazil


Sending a parcel to Brazil: proposed solutions for Brazil

To meet the needs of our most demanding customers, we propose door to door delivery services within 3 days for Brazil. 

Imports can be delivered before 9 AM, 12 PM or 6 PM.


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With Upela, send your parcels to Brazil at the lowest cost

Simply connect to the Upela website and give the information required to place your order.

Send parcels from France-Brazil and Brazil-France: starting from €35.04.