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Customs formalities to send a parcel to England

As England is no longer part of the European Union, you will now face stricter regulations when shipping to the UK. Only Northern Ireland is exempt from the customs requirements of the rest of the UK. Northern Ireland benefits from the same customs regulations as the rest of the European Union. 

From now on, whether you are shipping from a country that is part of the European Union or not, you will have to complete the same administrative procedures as when shipping internationally. 

You are a professional 

As a professional, if you are shipping to England, you will have to make sure that you are in line with the UK customs regulations. Therefore you will have to : 

memo conditions expéditions RU brexit

  • Declare your goods to the British authorities by making a customs declaration.
  • A pro forma or commercial invoice containing the following information
    • EORI number (registered in each respective country),
    • Precise description of the goods
    • HS Codes (Harmonized Customs Code), value of the goods,
    • Country of origin 
    • The reason for export and the chosen Incoterms 
    • Address and contact information of the sender and receiver.
  • For goods intended for sale, a commercial invoice in 3 copies
  • For goods not intended for sale, a pro forma invoice in 3 copies (this will be provided and pre-filled when you order with Upela)

You are a private individual 

As with any other international shipment, we recommend that you take note of the various rules in force concerning exports to the United Kingdom. Thus, specific documents must be provided if you are making a shipment according to its value and purpose (gift, personal items or for sale). 

  • asbestos
  • cash
  • credit cards
  • imitations and forgeries
  • pornography

Please note that when importing alcohol into England, please indicate on your invoice the quantity in liters - over 100 liters of wine imported, contact the English customs for more information. Alcoholic beverages are highly taxed goods by the customs.

Sending a parcel to the United-Kingdom

Shipping rates to England*

2,2 lbs 27,85€ 2 days
11 lbs 39,14€ 2 days
22 lbs 50,69€ 2 days
44 lbs 67,24€ 2 days
66 lbs 88,34€ 2 days

*The above prices are not fixed, they are "starting from" prices, they depend on the characteristics of your shipment, as well as on the delivery options selected. Our most advantageous rates are reserved for Upela customers, if you wish to benefit from them, just create a free account. If you are shipping from the UE, make sure your customs documents are in order, for this you can consult our complete guide.

Shipping delays and tracking for England

Upela offers an express door-to-door delivery service for your shipments or with a parcel drop-off at a relay point or post office. Next day delivery available for Europe, in priority express at 9:00 am, 12:00 pm or in day delivery.

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On Upela, track your parcel to England with our parcel tracking tool whether you are sending to London, Brimingham, Glasgow, Sheffield, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Leeds, Bristol, Manchester or Cardiff.

The information provided is in real time for optimal tracking.

Cheaper international shipping

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Examples of destinations: 
Parcel shipment to Spain 
Export of parcels to Ireland 
Send parcel to Liverpool
Parcel export to Hong Kong

The history of the Royal Mail began in 1516 with the creation of the "Master of the Posts" by King Henry VIII. Couriers were paid to carry government messages and in 1635 the subjects of the kingdom were allowed to use the postal system (to bring resources to the British Parliament). The Royal Mail evolved into a single pricing system for all mail within the Kingdom (Great Britain, Ireland) by 1840.

Queen Victoria (1837 - 1901) was the first to appear on what is generally considered to be the first postage stamp in history (May 1840), the Pennyblack, leaving the sender responsible for the postage of his mail.

After 499 of public status, the Royal Mail became in 2015 a totally private company after the sale of the last shares held by the British state (it still held 38% since 2013). The now private company will nevertheless maintain the principle of universal mail delivery until 2021.

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