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Customs formalities to send a parcel to Portugal

As an exchange between European Union countries, you do not have to pay any taxes to send your products to Portugal or receive goods from Portugal.

When sending packages to Portugal from outside the European Union, customs duties and taxes may apply depending on the nature and value of the goods and will be paid by the recipient.

All parcels must be accompanied by a commercial invoice or a pro-forma invoice detailing the contents and value of the shipment as well as the complete information of the sender and the recipient.

  • furs

  • imitation and pirated products

    Please note that in order to import alcohol into Portugal, you must comply with the rules in force. For the importation of wine and beer you will not need a special permit.

    However, if you are importing spirits, an authorization is required and you should allow for additional time for customs clearance.

    Many goods are subject to authorization in Portugal, such as plants, food, products of plant origin (including tobacco) and cosmetics (only for companies).

    However, the shipment of spirits to Portugal is subject to customs controls. It requires an import permit.

    Livraison colis portugal

    Shipping rates for parcels to Portugal*

    2,2 lbs 16,38€ 8 days
    11 lbs 25,95€ 8 days
    22 lbs 33,87€ 3 days
    44 lbs 43,37€ 3 days
    66 lbs 60,38€ 3 days

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    The first postage stamps issued by the Portuguese date back to 1853: they represent the head of Queen Marie II. On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the voyage of Vasco da Gama, in 1898, Portugal issued its second commemorative series of stamps intended for the metropolis, but also for the African colonies.

    Throughout the 20th century, different series will mark the Portuguese philatelic history, representing chronologically the Revolution of October 1910 (the series "Ceres", 1912-1945 overprinted "Republica"), the series Caravelle (from 1943), Seal of King Denis (1953), Landscapes and Monuments (1972), Navigators (1989) and Birds of Portugal (2000), the latter bearing the values of the stamps both in escudos and euros.

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