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How to ship my parcel

With Upela.com, you compare the rates of the world express shipping leaders to send (or receive) your parcels in to more than 200 international destinations. Upela enables you to ship different types of parcels 

Send an envelope or a letter

 An envelope or document weighing no more than 2.5 kilos.
send letters


Send a parcel

Box with a weight less than 70 kilos. The maximum length of a parcel is 270 cm and a maximum dimension of 419 cm (Length + twice the width + twice the height).

send parcels


Send a pallet

A pallet comprises a loading base, usually wooden or plastic, and objects solidly attached, the whole wrapped in pallet wrap film. The total height must not exceed 200 cm and its weight must be under 5 tonnes.

Bulky items : the maximum dimensions for parcels: Length 302 cm, Width 203 cm and height 178 cm.

send parcels

Note: shipments of pallets or bulky items require a reservation number from FedEx so that FedEx can organise the pick up with an appropriate vehicle. During the ordering, a window will appear asking you to call FedEx; you tell the adviser the details of your shipment and you will be given a reservation number which you need to write in the specified field.

Test the shipment of envelopes, parcels or pallets now using our carriers comparator and test the proposals by the leaders, DHL, FedEx or UPS while benefiting from negotiated discounts of as much as -70% !

With Upela, the recipient can certainly place the order. In fact the order can be placed by the sender, the recipient or a third party. All that is required is that the person placing the order knows all the details of the shipment: precise addresses for collection and delivery and the description of the parcel: size, weight and contents.

We advise the person placing the order to always check that the package has been appropriately packaged by the sender.

Stuck at the office ? We deal with everything !

It is perfectly possible to ask for a collection or a delivery at your place of work. It is enough to ask for your employer's authorisation. If you choose this option for collection or delivery, enter on the home page the the post code of the workplace involved, and enter the full address at stage 3 of your order process.

Don't forget :

  • To give the carrier full details about the collection or delivery (e.g. 'parcel available at 1st floor reception' or 'letter for Mrs Garnier, legal department')
  • Forewarn the company's receptionist or the person responsible for the collection.
  • Enter your mobile phone number

Travel light and send your suitcases/luggage with Upela.

You will find on this page all the information you need to send or repatriate your additional luggage at discounted prices. Our express carriers DHLFedEx and Chronopost  deliver your luggage all over the world from the next day.

Golden Rules for an express delivery or your luggage

  • Provide information that are as precise as possible in order to ensure the smooth progress of both pickup and delivery of your suitcase.
  • Please make sure not to carry any prohibited item: aerosol, perfume, lithium battery, money, perishable goods...Check out our section devoted to prohibited and restricted goods.
  • Stick on properly the packing slip and the pro-forma invoice for shipments outside the European Union (further informations: Rules and legislation for parcels shipment).
  • Avoid fragile and breakable objects as well as hi-tech items.

Note: personal effects are excluded from our Value Insurance conditions. According to the Warsaw Convention governing air transportation, your shipments are automatically insured up to 22€/kg.UPS do not carry luggage/personal effects

Cash on delivery

This method of delivery consists of requesting that the delivery agent collects the payment for the goods and their carriage from the recipient at the point of delivery. Usually the payment is made by cheque.

We do not offer this service at the moment.

Can the addressee pay?

Are you the addressee and want to place an order on Upela.com? You can !Anyone can organise a shipment of goods from company A to company B. You only need to know the details of the parcel (weight, volume, description) - see the sections 'How to weigh the object you are sending' and 'How to measure your parcel' - and to know the exact names, addresses and phone numbers of both sender and addressee.

Note: If you are not the sender, make sure that the sender is able to wrap the parcel correctly and to print the delivery label. Please refer to the section 'Wrapping your parcel'

Upela.com makes the use of a thermal printer possible, enabling you to print all your shipping forms in labels that you can stick directly on your parcels. Our system works on every shipment and with all our partner carriers DHL, UPS, FedEx and Chronopost.

How to use a thermal printer for your parcel shipments?

To get your shipping labels adjusted to your thermal printer, nothing easier.

1. You must have a professional account or a personal account on Upela

2. Go to SETTINGS in your Client Space

3. Click on OPTIONS on the top menu

4. At the bottom of the page, click on LABEL FORMAT, and instead of PDF select ZPL

5. Do not forget to SAVE before leaving the page

Automatically, each shipping form you will receive after ordering on Upela will be ready to print on your thermal printer.

Why use a thermal printer to prepare your parcel shipments ?

Printing your shipping forms using a thermal printer will make you save time.So stop looking for a both simple and efficient method to stick properly your shipping labels on your parcels.As a professional, your brand image will be enhanced.By sending a parcel with a shipping form self-adhesive on it, you will make a good impression on your customers, suppliers and partners.

Collection schedule of your parcel

The collection address of your shipment should be as complete as possible. You must provide all the necessary information in order to access your collection address (door code, staircase, floor, etc.). The driver must be able to get to the address or reception area without having to call you.If you give a business address, please specify the opening hours in the remarks box.

Can I be sure that the collection will be on the same day?

It depends on the time you place your order and the collection address.If the driver cannot ensure the collection on the day and the time slot you have selected, you will be notified before finalizing your order.

I would like to drop my parcel off directly at the agency

It's impossible to access your address? You cannot wait for the driver?No problem : When you get to the collection option, simply select the "I will drop my parcel/s off at the agency".

My parcel was not picked up

We give reasonably large time slots to the carriers to ensure their organization. It is possible that the carrier comes in the last fifteen minutes of the indicated time range.If the collection time limit has passed, send an email specifying the references of your shipment so that we can reschedule the collection of your parcel as quickly as possible.

Your parcel has been returned

Several cases may cause the return of a parcel :

    • Refusal by the recipient
    • Inability to deliver the parcel (multiple failed delivery attempts, recipient unreachable, inaccessible or incorrect address)
  • Customs related (misrepresentation, missing documents, banned or regulated product)

Without manifestation from you, the shipment will be automatically returned to our office and must be forwarded at your expense. Storage will be charged up to 15€ per day per parcel. You will immediately be notified by email upon receipt of a returned package.

A. You have not taken out an additional insurance for your parcel (Ad Valorem)

The shipping of goods is covered by an insurance based on your declared value (on condition that the packaging was adequate). Each carrier has his own scale, which you will find in their terms and conditions.

They generally apply a reduction based on the age of the item. You should be aware that :

  • If the carrier can prove that he was in no way responsible for the losses, no claim will be paid.
  • The amount of the cover is limited by international convention and specific rules : 
    For land transport - Convention CMR : 8.33 DTS per kilo, which is around 11.72€ per kilo in January 2012 
    For air freight - Warsaw Convention : 16.5837 DTS per kilo, which was around 23.33€ per kilo in January 2012
  • In the case of a package arriving empty or badly damaged, so that the insurers can deal with it, it is essential that the recipient advises the carrier in writing of potential losses.

B. You have taken insurance for the delivery (Ad Valorem)

If it can be established that the carrier is responsible for the damage, he will meet the claim upon proof of value, applying a reduction if the item is not new.In case of damage, please contact our services by form within 48 hours maximum.

Formalities to complete in case of loss
Presentation of the claim form

The principles of the carrier's responsibility

The carriers are effectively responsible for the goods you entrust to them, nevertheless this responsibility is tightly laid out and limited.Because the carriers are paid depending on the weight and volume of the shipment and not according to its value, it is natural that their responsibility is expressed in the same way in order to remain proportional to their remuneration.

The consequences of damage to the goods can be very serious for the sender, the carrier indemnifies according to strict limits, often less than their real value, between 12 and 22 € per kilo. These are the bases on which the carriers indemnify damage to which the goods may be subjected.

The special cases of exemption and removing the limits of responsibility

If the carriers are responsible for damage to the goods entrusted to their care, it is important to know that in some cases this responsibility may be lifted, and conversely it may become unlimited.

Exemption from responsibility

For a carrier to indemnify the sender for possible damage, it is essential that he is fully committed. As custodian of the goods, there is a presumption of his responsibility if he does not deliver them in the same condition as when they were entrusted to him.

On the other hand, where the carrier can prove that he was not responsible, he will not be liable pay any indemnity.

The carrier can claim exemption from responsibility when the damage to the goods follows an event of force majeure.

The principle of force majeure has been the subject of voluminous legal actions and is constantly changing. Nevertheless, the usually accepted definition is : an event having the three characteristics of being unpredictable, irresistible and external.

If these three criteria come together, the carrier may be exonerated of responsibility and will not be liable to any indemnity nor reparations for the losses incurred.

Cases of force majeure :

  • Earthquake (irresistible, unpredictable and external)
  • Tornado in France during the month of August (irresistible, unpredictable and external)
  • Armed robbery (irresistible, unpredictable and external)
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