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When you want to send one (or several) parcels in France or send a parcel abroad, you have several choices: you can go to the nearest post office or call in a carrier like DHL or UPS.

The main problem is then the lack of transparency: which service provider will be cheapest?

What is the difference between a shipment in France and an international shipment ?

How can I import my products from a foreign country? At what price?

Upela can answer all your questions by means of this first transporter comparator for private and business companies, presenting the offers of the world shipping leaders.

With Upela, you can compare, on a centralized basis, the prices proposed by DHL, UPS and FedEx while benefiting from discounts negotiated with these shipping companies: as much as -75% compared to the general public prices.

These exclusive prices apply both to shipments in France and to your imports or exports: Upela enables you to send parcels to more than 200 destinations all over the world!

Not only does Upela enable you to compare prices and make savings, but it also proposes to walk your company through its international development process (import/export).

You can stop looking for the lowest price for partial shipments in France and abroad: simply compare them and save with!

The tariffs for your shipments: envelope, parcel or package is calculated on the basis of the weights and dimensions you have given. If weights and dimensions differ from their actual values, and especially if they are undervalued, there could be damaging consequences :

  • The carrier may refuse the package at the pick-up point or at the depot.
  • The price of the service may be adjusted and extra payment required from the recipient at the delivery point before the package is handed over.
  • What is more, in cases of loss, theft or damage, any insurance taken up with the carrier will be void if the weight or dimensions of the package have been under-estimated (insurance, how is your parcel insured?)
  • A package which has been undervalued in weight or dimensions may also be blocked at the depot until the client collects it. This collection will be charged for and the transport service charge will remain due.
  • In the best case, the delivery will take longer.

Be aware that DHLUPS and FedEx check 100% of the parcels received, through a system of automatic weighing on a moving carpet and a laser scan of the dimensions. It is worth knowing that it is not necessary to know the precise weight of your parcel, as the tariffs step up in increments of 500 g.

Yes, it is essential !

In fact the carrier uses the information you provide as a base for best managing your shipment. In describing the exact contents of your parcel, you contribute to the smooth running of the transport service.

We must warn you against false declarations and omitting information; these inevitably result in the cancellation of the shipment without refund of the costs you have incurred. In addition, it should be obvious that the contents of your parcel should in no case appear on the list of prohibited or controlled goods.

You are taking part in the smooth running of your transport service; this operation demands extreme precision

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