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You may need to organize regularly returns and imports to your company: in this case, easily shipping the parcel from your sender is a major issue for accelerating the process. Hence the importance of having a simple and efficient tool for delivering your parcels.

The issue of parcel returns and imports

Sometimes you may not be the sender of a parcel but the recipient, especially when you organize the return of a shipment (after sales, exchange, repair, etc.), or the importing of goods for your company. Your sender is then a customer or a supplier, for instance. Delivery has to be facilitated by a simplified return and export tool so that the sender of a parcel does not need to face the task of complex administrative formalities or paying for the shipment. It is more than logical: you are the customer for the shipment.

On the return and import tool

Upela has designed a specific tool for the job, for all the import/export professionals and businesses needing to manage their goods returns. By creating a business account (totally free of charge), you gain access to the "Return/Import" section which is also free of charge. Using your address book, this tool enables you to send a prepaid shipping form to your supplier or your customer.

The latter then receives an email informing him of your shipping request. By clicking on the link included in the email message, he is redirected to a secure page on your account where he indicates several items of information: the weight and size of the parcel and his available times for pick-up. Naturally, he will not be given the Upela account number., transport a comparator

Enrol for now to make your express business shipments with the world's transport leaders (DHL, FedEx, UPS). You benefit from negotiated discounts of as much as -70% compared to public prices and you will be able to benefit from our range of professional services including the returns and imports tool. will enable you to reduce your shipping times and make savings too!

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