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Fequently asked questions

To find out the rate for sending a letter, parcel or pallet, fill in the required information in the "Start shipment" box:1.

  1. Enter the point of departure and the destination (Country + City / Postal Code)
  2. Check the "Business address" box if the shipment is from and/or to a business address.
  3. Select the number of parcels and indicate the individual weight (in kilograms) and the size (in centimeters) of your parcel
  4. If you want to send several parcels of different sizes and weights to the same recipient, click "+ Add parcel" then enter its weight and dimensions
  5. Click on "Compare the offers! " to obtain our price offers

We do not supply the materials for packing your goods. Packing is at the expense of the sender. The parcel must be ready for shipping when you place your order. Please consult the packaging advice supplied by our shipping companies in Assistance.

If the recipient is absent on our first attempt at delivery, the parcel is returned to the agency (the local sorting centre). Depending on the selected transporter, the parcel will be kept in the agency for between 5 and 10 days or another delivery attempt will be made the next day, and the day after. If there is no news from the recipient, the parcel will be returned to the sender at its expense.

To reschedule another delivery, the recipient can get in touch with the transporter directly and work out a new delivery time with it. The parcel can also be held available at the sorting centre for collection.

In other locations, and for shipping to a private recipient, the parcel can be delivered to a "relay (pickup) point"

The recipient of the shipment can himself place an order, using the same or the procedure.

Before placing an order, he must first know the weight (in kilograms) and the dimensions (in centimeters) of the parcel to be sent, and ensure that the sender will be:

1/ able to print out the shipping documents

2/ on the spot on the day of parcel pick up

There are several reasons that might explain why your parcel has been stopped at the customs:

- the pro-forma invoice attached to the shipment is not detailed enough or the description does not correspond accurately to the content. We advise you to be as accurate as possible when you give details about the content of your parcel (indicate the material/matter, origin of the product - for instance, cotton shirt made in France). Do not hesitate in indicating the customs code for your product directly if you know it.

- the content of the shipment requires a license / specific authorization for import.

Note: The transmission may require the payment of customs duties and VAT for any exported goods (including personal belongings) when the country of origin and of destination are not in the same economic zone, whatever the reason for shipping.

For anything stopped at the customs, it is generally up to the recipient to contact the transporter for the destination country. Please give the exact particulars of the recipient (local telephone number + email address) so that the customs or transporter can get in touch with him easily.

- The sender can pay the duties and taxes but only if he has an export account with the transporter providing the service.

- Duties and taxes are calculated according to the country of origin and destination but also the type of product being transported; more often than not, these taxes are payable to the driver on reception. If you do not have an account the handling charge (between €10 and €22) can be invoiced by the transporter.

If the sender's address is incomplete or inaccurate, the driver may be unable to get to the collection point. In this case, please contact the Upela Customer Service by contact form in order to reschedule the collection of your parcel on the following day, and fill in the missing information (door code – office hours – floor, etc.)

If your parcel has not yet been collected, it is normal that tracking is unavailable because the monitoring of your shipment begins when the parcel is scanned. The pickup scan can be carried out when the driver picks up the parcel (if he has the required equipment), or in the agency when the driver deposits the parcel on completing his round.

If the collection zone is remote, the tracking of the parcel appears on the day after pickup.

Transporters do not guarantee delivery lead times in the strict meaning of the word. When they guarantee a delivery lead time it means that they will do everything to try and meet the announced lead time and that in the event of late delivery because of them, they may refund part or all of the transmission expenses, depending on the chosen offer.

Also note that our agreements with transporters do not enable us to obtain refunds for late deliveries because of the preferential rates that we offer.

Their commitments do, however, to view an excellent probability that the delivery lead times will be met, but are not to be considered as an absolute guarantee. Compliance with the unannounced delivery lead time by our partners, DHL, UPS and FedEx, is in excess of 96%.

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