B2B transport: your import/export logistics with Upela.com

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Upela.com makes simple work of deliveries to customers or suppliers, and saves money too. With our comparator, you will find the best rates for B2B deliveries, while facilitating your daily logistics (for imports, exports and returns etc.) using our totally free of charge business tools..

B2B logistics: compare … to save

Many companies offer turnkey B2B logistics solutions with a pick-up at the sender's and delivery to the recipient's. It's efficient … but it costs more. With our Upela.com comparator, we offer the same solution for a lower charge. So what is our value added factor? Our site compares the offers of the world transport leaders (like FedEx, UPS and DHL) and applies discounts negotiated specifically with these logistics leaders. You can obtain a reduction of up to 70% compared to the announced public rates. It's a great way of economizing on your B2B import export and express delivery operations.

Logistic tools for businesses

B2B import export also makes it possible for you to create a business account (totally free of charge) for easier shipment management (imports, exports and returns) every day. Using this PRO business account, you have access to a full range of tools designed to help you gain time on logistics: you use your address book to record the particulars of your regular customers so as not to have to type their address out on each delivery; deferred payment means that you pay your invoices only at the end of the month; our prepaid shipping form means that your suppliers only need to manage the pick-up of your parcels (they do not advance any costs and do not have to fill in any paperwork); and your address book enables you to make deliveries from your supplier to your warehouse, for instance, using Drop Shipping.

B2B Logistics: in France … and abroad

Upela facilitates your logistics in France … and internationally. We accompany small and medium size businesses with the issues of development on a natiof="https://www.upela.com/en/send-parcel-england-europe-35.html">Europe, America, AsiaAfricaAustraliaDOM-TOM) to see where you can import and export your goods.

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